Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Death by Chocolate

Death by Chocolate

Serves: 24

Chilling Time: 2 hr


  • 1 (19- to 21-ounce) package brownie mix, batter prepared according to package directions
  • 1/4 cup coffee-flavored liqueur (see Options)
  • 2 (2.8-ounce) packages instant chocolate mousse, prepared according to package directions (see Options)
  • 8 (1.4-ounce) chocolate-covered toffee candy bars (such as Skor or Heath), coarsely crushed
  • 1 (12-ounce) container frozen whipped topping, thawed


  1. Preheat oven and bake brownie batter in a 9- x 13-inch baking pan according to package directions; allow to cool completely.
  2. Use a fork to prick holes in top of cooled brownies; drizzle with coffee liqueur.
  3. Break up brownies into small pieces. Coarsely crush candy bars in a food processor or by gently tapping the wrapped bars with a hammer. Place half the brownies in bottom of a trifle dish or large glass serving bowl. Cover with half the mousse then one-third of the crushed candy and half the whipped topping. Repeat layers and top with the remaining crushed candy.
  4. Cover and chill at least 2 hours before serving. Refrigerate any leftovers.


Instead of coffee liqueur, you can use a mixture of 1 teaspoon sugar and 1/4 cup leftover black coffee, or leave out the coffee flavoring entirely. And, instead of chocolate mousse, you can prepare two (4-serving) packages of instant chocolate pudding.

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