Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I guess they really do come in Threes

The last month has been a difficult one for myself and my Disney friends. First, we lost Mel Charboneau. I met Mel in junior high school where he was often teased due to the way he walked. His heel cords were extremely short & he always walked on his toes. Despite the teasing, Mel was a great guy and if it got him down, he didn't let it show. We also went through high school together and he was in the class behind me. Everybody liked Mel. Then within the first week I was working at Disneyland-there he was! He was working on Carnation Main Street with another Lowell alum, Kathy Greenwood. Our paths crossed periodically and then when transferred into Fantasyland Ops, we saw and partied with each other often. Once again-everybody liked Mel! He passed away within the last month, I'm still unclear on why.

Then on Father's Day I find out that Cindy Chalifant passed away from colon cancer. She kept it pretty hush-hush so it was quite a shock. She was such a vibrant, fun, smart lady who was great to be around & great to be her friend. She will be missed! Here's a picture of us at a party sometime in the 80's

This week I also found out that another friend from Tomorrowland, Karen Bopp is dying. She also had cancer and didn't let many people know. I saw her last month at B;ackies and you couldn't tell anything was wrong. She too was another vibrant, smart, fun person and I was glad to be called her friend. I can't find my pictures I have of Karen-they're packed away at Mom's.

Through Disneyland I have met some pretty spectacular people. We always said that when we would leave it would be the people we missed and we were more right than we ever knew. So it's not just famous people who pass away in threes - it's also wonderful, fun, funny, bright people that I met at Disneyland.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day 2010

This is the 2nd Father's Day without my father and it still hurts. He was the glue that held our family together. He would never put up with the crap that's going on now with my daughter or my sister-in-law & would call them on it, but since he's not here, it goes on & on. I'm not going to confront anybody about their shenanigans, just be happy with what I do have. I've acknowledged and apologized for whatever I have done wrong and that's all I can do.

Today would have been Mom & Dad's 57th anniversary. Tough day for Mom, but she's doing well in spite of everything.

I just found out that a friend from Disneyland passed away this morning from colon cancer. I had no idea that she was ill. She was one of those smart, witty, and kind people that was always fun to work with. She will be missed by all who knew her. RIP Cindy Chalifant - you were one of the BEST!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 Days Off?

How did that happen? I wish I could have done something special-like visit Kim in Albuquerque with her new granddaughter, but without gas & tires, it's just not happening! Tonight is dinner with a dear friend who has been enlightening me on things that were happening at Disneyland while I was working there. It turns out that the stuff I thought was wild and crazy couldn't even hold a candle to other goings on . . .immoral, illegal and probably fattening too! Here's a picture of Kim & her new grandbaby named Mileva, after her!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's June!

I'm finishing up another 2 days off. Nothing special-just the usual staying home alone & cooking. Today was chicken with black beans & corn in the crock-pot & brownies for dessert. Tomorrow after work I have plans to go out to dinner & maybe a movie. Should be fun! I also have plans with someone else later this week-an old friend. It's about time I get out of the house!!