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Caution: Because these margaritas are not made with a mix, or with a “sweet and sour” bottled addition, they are more potent than Margaritas served in many restaurants – and maybe even stronger than the ones you have enjoyed at home or at parties. The alcohol content in these is not diluted by anything but a little lime juice and the amount of ice you choose to add – so be careful!


2 cups, tequila (anejo - or aged, is best by far)
1 cup, Triple Sec or Grand Marnier (I use 1/2 Triple Sec and 1/2 Grand
Marnier because the Grand Marnier is really expensive! If I’m
feeling rich, I use all Grand Marnier because it has the richest taste
and I like the syrupy texture. Follow your taste and budget
preferences, of course.)
1/2 cup, fresh squeezed lime juice – DO NOT USE BOTTLED JUICE!
(about 6 limes yield 1/2 cup, juice),
3 coffee cups full of cracked ice

FOR MARGARITAS "ON THE ROCKS" : Blend all ingredients in blender with one of the coffee cups full of ice (then serve the drinks, poured over the remaining ice in individual glasses, or pitcher)

FOR FROZEN MARGARITAS: Blend all ingredients with all 3 coffee cups full of the ice called for.

To salt the rims of glasses: rub the edge (rim) of each glass with a cut wedge of lime. Place coarse (Kosher) salt in a shallow dish, and dip the wet rim of the glass into the salt to coat.


Add 1/4 cup, Orgeat Syrup to the above quantities for 8 classic margaritas (Orgeat has an almond flavor, takes the "edge" off the tequila). Find Orgeat Syrup in fine liquor departments, or in a liquor store

FROZEN PINEAPPLE MARGARITAS: To the above recipe, add 1 cup of pineapple juice, and instead of the ice, substitute 3 cups of (individually) frozen pineapple chunks. (Obviously, this recipe yields a somewhat larger quantity than the original recipe. More tequila may be added to taste, as well, since this recipe is also not as strong, due to the addition of the pineapple juice.)

OTHER FRUIT MARGARITAS: Follow the procedure for FROZEN PINEAPPLE MARGARITAS above, substituting juice or nectar of the desired fruit, plus whole berries or chunked pieces of the same fruit (for example: strawberry nectar and whole (individually) frozen strawberries).

MANGO MARGARITAS: Cut fresh mango into chunks, and freeze the chunks/pieces until firm. Follow the procedure for FROZEN PINEAPPLE MARGARITAS above, substituting canned or bottled mango nectar, plus the chunked pieces of mango. Remember that this will make a larger quantity than the original recipe - you may wish to add a little bit more tequila, and a few extra squeezes of lime juice to taste (since the recipe has added mango nectar, so is no longer full strength).

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