Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Job Hunt

Even though I enjoy working where I am now (Casual Male XL) They have not been able to provide me with more than 32 hours on a consistent basis. In fact, at 32 hours I am being paid LESS than I made on unemployment. So I have continued to put out applications and go on interviews as they come up. I have interviewed for a couple of places where I would love to work, but haven't made it past the 2nd interview.

Yesterday I had an interview for another place where I would love to work. It went very well and I will be interviewed again on Friday morning. I also got a call yesterday for another interview for a place that I would be so excited to work for! That interview is Friday afternoon. Neither job is close to Corona - one is in Costa mesa and the other is in Temecula. I would be thrilled with either at this point.

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