Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Memories & Frustrations

Saturday night I attended a celebration in honor of Cindy Chalfant who passed away on Father's Day from colon cancer. She was one of those wonderful, special, fun, people that I worked with at Disneyland and she had a lot of wonderful, special, fun friends. Watching the slide show was like stepping back in time to a slice of life that we all shared together.

So far, it looks like my interviews last week went nowhere. The interviews themselves went well but my understanding is that there are so many people going for the same position that they can pick & choose someone with the exact skills and experience they need. So far I don't have enough of one or both.:( I wish that there was a position opening up within the company - anything to get more hours!!

I just found out that a wonderful, sweet lady who I am privileged to call my friend has colon cancer & went into the hospital today. Paula Palmer Cerney has been a friend since our daughters met back somewhere around 1995. She is a wonderful person, friend, mother, daughter,and wife. All I can do is send up prayers for her and visit her tomorrow before I go to work.

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