Tuesday, August 24, 2010


For the 1st time in a few months I really got a good night's sleep! Stress is all but gone thanks to some changes that I have recently made in my life.

Work was incredibly stressful - not always the job itself, but the fact that I'm driving almost 30 miles to work only 32 hours a week. That does NOT pay the bills for Nic & I! After a series of negative financial events and our lease on the apartment coming to an end, we gratefully took Mom's offer to move in with her. As we will be paying a nominal amount for rent I will be able to put aside some for emergencies and pay off those things that got behind. Also, Mom was stressing out about money, so our rent will help her too - a real WIN/WIN situation!

Sydney was so excited to be back that she was rolling around on the grass immediately and the cat is quite happy too. I LOVE my Mommy!!

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