Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

All in all, this is a good day. My baby girl, Mia is working both of her jobs today - Subway and Disneyland. As one who has herself worked many, many holidays I have no problem with this. She did call to tell me that she was thinking of me, so that is good enough for me! I do know that she loves me and not just on Mother's Day.

My wonderful son made me a lovely breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, Quite yummy!! He did spend most of the day here and only recently took off with his buddy, Jesus. Once again I DO know that he loves me on more than just Mother's Day, so it is all good!

So here I am, indulging in a couple of guilty pleasures: drinking champagne, watching true crime on TV & playing on the computer. I just got a call from my Mom saying that she wants to drop by-should be interesting . . . My other daughter, Alissa has not bothered to call or anything else today. I guess she wanted to be with her in-laws or someone else with more money, etc than have. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I have always loved her more than anything else in my life (as with all of my kids), but that has never been enough for her. Hopefully she will come around someday . . .

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Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

Sounds like a bittersweet Mother's Day, Lid, but concentrate on the positive...someday the girl will come around and appreciate who you are!